So you’ve made your appointment–you have an idea of what you want, and you’re excited to get the hair that you’ve been wanting for a long time. Before you head to your appointment, here are a few things our stylists want our clients to know before you head into the salon:

  • Make your appointment a self-care experience! Arrive early to enjoy your time in the Crossroad’s Art District—get a coffee or wrap at Mildred’s, peruse the studios in The Bauer, and book a lash, acupuncture, or organic facial appointment with Etiquette upstairs for a full day of clean beauty!

  • The idea that you should come in with dirty hair before a color service is a myth. A clean head of hair is a fresh palette to work with—that way, your hair can lift evenly. Day two hair is ideal for your time in the salon chair.


  • One stylist also recommends coming with your hair styled as close to how it usually is in a daily basis. Stylists love seeing their client’s natural texture and personal style!


  • Some hair goals are an investment. This goes for cost AND time. To achieve your desired tone, this may look like 3-4 sessions with your stylist. But it will be so worth it to make your Pinterest Hair boards become a reality.

Music Crush: Lizzo is Good as Hell

If you’ve been needing some girl power in your life, you gotta listen to Lizzo. Her old tunes are just as fabulous as her new album, Cuz I Love You. After one listen, you’ll be jamming to her anthems feeling empowered af! Fuzing rap, soul, and gospel, Lizzo’s songs are just what you need to add to your latest playlist. And not only is her music amazing, but she also preaches body positivity and is an advocate for equal representation.

Peace Out and Happy First Friday!

~~Stella @stellafriz