As a toxic-free salon, it is our priority to provide our clients and stylists an experience that leaves them feeling happy, healthy, and beautiful. Not only are our color and products non-toxic, but their ethics and behind-the-scenes actions are as well. Read below about exactly what makes the brands we carry so special.

Oway: Organic Way is centered around biodynamic, organic, and fair-trade ingredients. Their products contain only natural, non-toxic ingredients that are found in nature. They also have a profound respect for the environment and promote waste reduction by only using glass and aluminum packaging, as well as avoiding use of unnecessary packaging. 

Additionally, they have built two zero-mile workshops: Ortofficina, where they grow many of their ingredients, and Artigiano, where they design and manufacture packaging and furniture.

Their organic way doesn’t just start with their products— they practice what they preach in several different ways. Using renewable energy and electric cars, recycling, using eco-sustainable furniture, and providing yoga lessons and organic shopping for employees shows their commitment responsibility and sustainability.

Original Mineral: O&M is all about challenging the norms of professional haircare by using natural, effective, and gentle ingredients in color and products. Their products use the Free From Five formula, meaning they are free from harmful sulphates, parabens, propylene glycol, MIT, and Triclosan. 

Their color is also unique in that it doesn’t have ammonia, PPD, or resorcinol. Don’t worry about reduced effectiveness though—O&M has proven that you don’t need harsh chemicals to achieve the results of typical salon color. And those wanting to get fantasy color or grey coverage? Don’t worry—O&M’s color can do all you can want and more with their color line.

Lastly, their color and products are PETA approved cruelty-free and vegan friendly. You don’t have to compromise your values to get the hair that you want!

La Tierra Sagrada: La Tierra Sagrada’s products are closely aligned with the owner’s values and experiences. After going through debilitating chronic illnesses that caused her to lose her hair, Stephani Padilla turned to what she had been loving and using for years—plant medicine. All products in La Tierra Sagrada’s line are plant-based and free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins. 

Frequently used ingredients are shea butter, orris root, palo santo, vitamin E, and more. Padilla makes the rituals around haircare a priority in all that she does. All products come with instructions that are meant to be beneficial for both your hair and your health. 

Rahua: Rahua’s Amazon based haircare line is focused on using pure and sustainable ingredients. The founder of the brand—Fabian Lliguin— discovered the beauty of Amazonian ingredients when on a trip to the area educating indigenous people about their land and human rights. While there, he discovered the transformational qualities of Rahua. 

In 2008, Lliguin and his wife—Anna Ayers—founded Rahua and have been changing hair and people’s lives ever since. They maintain making significant efforts to sustain the Amazon Rainforest and the inhabitants of the area. They use non-toxic, clean formulas in their products, are carbon-neutral, and give to multiple charities benefitting the Amazon area and the Galapagos Islands.

So there you have it–the brands at The Hair Parlour are so special and unique, and we love that we can offer them to you. Don’t forget to shop our online store here to easily access the brands we adore so much!

With love + gratitude,