Wellness is an integral part of The Hair Parlour’s mission. After all, you cannot have beauty without wellness! To improve our health and wellness, we must practice self care and self love. So how do the ladies of the Hair Parlour implement these practices into our busy lives? Read below to find out how we self-cared this week!

Mikayla: To make mental and physical wellness a priority, Mikayla has been spending more time at the gym getting in some exercise. She loves the way it feels to take care of herself, and adores feeling STRONG.

Credit: Vincenzo Insinna

Kinsey: Treat Yo Self. That’s what Kinsey was saying when she decided to do something she hasn’t in a long time–shop! She doesn’t shop very often, so getting some fun new clothes for an upcoming vacay felt very special.

Stella: Self care can be fun, but it can also be super simple. This week Stella made it a priority to listen to her body. When she wanted to exercise, she did, and when she felt like watching a few hours of Parks and Rec, she did! Stella even took a day to get around to doing things that she knew would make her less stressed in the future. Being mindful of herself and her feelings made for a super positive week. Yay for self care!

Tabatha: Tabatha was such a sweetheart to herself this week! She treated herself to flowers, a massage at Etiquette, and dinner out with her friends. Self love is the greatest love of all, and Tabatha isn’t going to forget it!

Credit: Nikki Miles

Arden: It’s so easy to get caught up in the the in our busy schedules and forget to do things that make us feel better, healthier, or more enlightened. This week, Arden made time for one of those things–reading! She is reading The Untethered Soul, a book about setting yourself free from the limits you have set for yourself. By setting aside some phone-free time for herself, she could fully take part in something that lifted her up in a meaningful way.