At the Hair Parlour, we are constantly growing, learning, and doing everything in our power to create the best experience for our clients and stylists. In an aim to value our stylists’ and clients’ time, we have recently changed our service names to better reflect the length of time that goes into each service. Instead of “women’s cuts,” our new “Bob or More” cuts are for individuals with longer hair, which typically take an hour in the salon. Our “Short Cuts” are for folks with hair above the ears and last for half an hour. Now when we book, we know exactly how much time will go into the service so we can maximize our time and be as efficient as possible. Some ladies are rockin’ a pixie cut, and shorter lengths=less time in the chair.

With that being said, prices are always subject to change and consultations are key in figuring out exactly what your service, price, and look will be. Our focus is time, and if somebody has short hair but it is very thick and takes an hour and a half to cut, the price will adapt to the service and time committed.

By straying away from “women’s” and “men’s” cuts, we also reflect the inclusivity that we want to get across at The Hair Parlour! We never want anyone to feel excluded, and we recognize that now more than ever, people are abandoning the traditional gender roles that we as a society have held on to for far too long! As a toxic-free salon, we must acknowledge that toxic attitudes are also off limits, and we will do everything in our power to make that happen. We hope that through these small changes, a bigger difference can be made. If one more person feels included and safe because of this change, then we have done our job correctly.

If you have any questions regarding booking your service, feel free to contact us at (816)719-6242 or DM us at @thehairparlourkc. Thank you to our lovely clients for being our fans and supporting us always!

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