May is Mental Health Month, a month devoted to fighting the stigma of mental illness, raising awareness on the topic, and advocating for people impacted by it (which by the way, is pretty much everyone.) It is also a particularly significant time for women, whose rights and safety are being threatened by recent laws that are taking the world by storm. This isn’t about politics—it is about staying mentally and physically well in a world that often times makes that difficult. So, we asked women what they did to care for themselves. To read how real women prioritize their mental health, look at the responses below:

  • “I have learned to say no without guilt.”
  • “Therapy.”
  • “Eat the thing I’m truly craving.”
  • “Mental health days.”

Illustration by Kelsey Garrity Riley

  • “Hemp oil.”
  • “Read a damn good book.”
  • “Drawing boundaries with others.”
  • “Remember to create. Really breathe.”
  • “Journaling and coloring.”
  • “Genuinely complimenting others.”
  • “Hot yoga.”

Illustration by Grace Easton

  • “Medication.”
  • “Writing in a gratitude journal.”
  • “Alone time and wine.”
  • “Exercise.”
  • “Talking to my friends and parents.”
  • “Breaks from social media.”

Illustration by Nikki Miles

  • “Taking ‘Me’ Days.”
  • “Don’t over-schedule.”
  • “Becoming a light in the world.”

If you or somebody you know needs immediate help…

Crisis Text Line: Text “NAMI” to 741-741

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call (800) 273-TALK (8255)

National Domestic Violence Hotline: Call (800) 799-SAFE (7233)

National Sexual Assault Hotline: Call (800) 656-HOPE (4673)

If you want to donate to organizations that support women…

Donate to ACLU

Donate to Planned Parenthood

And speak up! 

Feeling Fierce,