Our identity is how we are seen by others and ourselves. Our identity can be impacted by what our job is, who we surround ourselves with, what music we listen to, where we live, who we date, and you guessed it—our hair. How we style our locks isn’t just about our physical identity either; people often express their personalities through their looks. If you see somebody with bright purple hair, you may assume that they are creative. And the girl with the cute pixie may be showing that she’s low-maintenance and doesn’t care much for gender norms. 

People often joke that they make major changes to their hair after a breakup, and to be honest, it makes total sense. We aren’t having a crisis, ladies and gents. We’re reestablishing our identity! Changing your hair throughout the many stages of your life also makes sense. I can look back on the many different hairstyles I’ve had and feel the emotions I experienced at the time, who I was at the time, and see how I’ve changed since then. The red streak I had in my hair, my pixie cut, my platinum blonde hair, my blunt bob, and my shag cut have portrayed the many different “Stella”s of my life. My shaggy hair and bangs make me feel empowered and unique, even though shags are on trend. 

If you’re in a hair (or life) rut, trying something new and expressing yourself in a different way could be a major game changer. That along with some serious self care, as always!

Always with love,