Balayage has been the biggest trend in the hair industry for awhile now, but only a handful of salons have dedicated themselves to creating clean, low-tox looks. Thankfully, when you come to The Hair Parlour, you can rest assured that the color and products used are thoughtfully chosen by us for their natural ingredients. 

So How Do We Do It?

Original Mineral Paint Powder is one of our most loved products that our stylists use behind the chair. This Kaolin Clay based powder aids in open air, hand-painted balayage, a technique that we use for natural color that will allow a seamless grow-out. Montrmorillonite Clay Mineral, Aloe Vera, and Rice Powder all aid in soothing your scalp and hair while achieving the look you desire. 

Oway HBleach is the ammonia free bleaching butter cream that we use during lightening sessions. Your hair will be nourished when we utilize this, unlike toxic chemicals that are often used when getting highlights or balayage. HBleach is made with Biodynamic Lavender, Organic Perilla, and Kukui butter. It is free of parabens, artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances, petrolatum, and EDTA. You don’t have to compromise your health (or the Earth’s) to get amazing hair!


Trend Alert: Mixing Femininity with Edge

Trends often get a bad rap, but some “trends” are actually timeless and will always be in style. I personally have a very feminine side, but can also be found wearing an all-black, somewhat androgynous outfit on any given day. But more often than not, I mix both of my styles into one pretty yet edgy look. And it always makes me feel most myself. How do I do this? Well, the dress + sneakers trend is the best way to start. I’m currently wearing a tight, sparkly, gold dress that I’ve had in my closet for ages. I’ve been so close to throwing it out in the past, and I am so glad I didn’t. To make myself feel more comfortable wearing said dress, I threw on some sock sneakers and an oversized cardigan to dress it down. Ta da! Other ways you can achieve this look is by adding a blazer to any outfit. Blazers are so in and always make a statement. Here’s to making trends our own!


One Week Left to See KC’s Happiest Exhibit

Ever since Polly Apfelbaum’s exhibit came to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in January, our Instagram feeds have been filled with pictures of the colorful rugs, beads, and wall art by the New York-based artist. The standout piece, Life Spirit, showcases the entire rainbow of colors with concepts such as healing, nature, and sexuality written in large lettering. The entire exhibit warms your heart upon entering and leaves you feeling inspired. Make sure to head to The Kemper for a fun and free time by April 28th. 


Inspo for the Week:

“Being unapologetically yourself is the most rewarding thing that one can accomplish.”

We love being raw and real with each other here at The Hair Parlour. There is strength in being vulnerable, and that is something that is easy to forget when we’re constantly seeing people’s highlight reel. Be true, be you, and love yo self.

Feelin’ Inspired,